Terms (The fun part)

How we work and what we feel is right. Like all businesses, you have to protect yourself and every industry will operate this behaviour differently. Our goal is to create beautifully designed digital products with user functionalities for a more interactive experience. We want to have websites found all over the web, bringing in leads and helping our clients grow more and more each year.

This page covers everything in which we are happy to comply with when working on a project regardless of it's size or the principal behind it. Once any payment has been received, you will be agreeing to the terms that we have listed below.

By working with & paying DevlinCreative, you will agreeing to and understand that:

Websites will never be perfect on every single device, browser and the version of that browser. Understand that any minor bugs or glitches on the website can occur and if it's a fault our end, this can be fixed by sending in a ticket from the e-mail provided.

We are not held responsible regarding any copyright claims for content, software or photos provided by you to be featured on the website. Our own work will be fully licensed or royalty free.

All deposits successfully received are completely non-refundable after 7 days. Hundreds of hours in web development/marketing work is carried out and the deposit covers this. All work can be sent over in it's entirety if requested.

Anything can happen on the web. If you're website is down, hacked or damaged, we will always have a backup ready to be used so understand that we aren't able to counter act this everytime so we would apologise for any downtime as our uptime is 99.9%. Every hosting company will have the same risk.

Organic digital marketing is an industry that isn't perfect. We will never state or guarantee number one positions for requested search queries as this is unofficially an impossible request on our behalf but we do guarantee hundreds of hours in work will be carried out and the website will gain more value organically.

Digital marketing campaigns can be cancelled at any given time, providing that the final payment for the service.

All maintenance work carried out will be invoiced in advance with the estimated hours of work in which will be carried out.

All hosting plans (excluding Maintenance Plan) paid annually are non-refundable but will be elligble for a full refund within the first 30 days. Maintenance plan can be cancelled at any given time within a 30 days notice.