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CuriousEgg Perth

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CuriousEgg Perth


Ecommerce Website

Time to Complete

6 Weeks



Spruce up your interior with CuriousEgg

The client requested an innovative, clean & minimal responsive eCommerce website design to clash well with their personality.

Our delivery for this project was to engage a meeting which was in Perth to discuss the approach of the design & build. Since we both love design (considering it's our business' key purpose) the ideas clashed well and got to the end result overtime.

Case Study
DevlinCreative received everything required before the build was even started which was excellent. The goal was to simply make the user experience a breeze from the landing page to the checkout stage. The key factor of designing the website was to ensure it was minimal throughout which was easily delivered.
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The client decided to host with a commercial hosting provider so the website was completely migrated to the said hosting provider and they were provided with 3 months free maintenance if any issues were to arise.

What did the client say?

We had a fantastic discussion regarding the build with a strong coffee in Perth. The requirements were a success and had a great experience throughout.

- Roddy

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