Frequently Asked Questions

All your answers in one place (hopefully)

If your question isn't listed below, please get in touch.


  • Q. Do you work in-house?

      We sure do! We aim to design and develop your website tailored to your request as best as we possibly can.

  • Q. When the project is completed, do I own the rights to everything?

      You will have ownership of the entire project, a complete back up of the website can be sent to you for confirmation on top of this. As long as we can feature your stunning, new professional site for new clients then we have a deal!

  • Q. I have no idea what I need? What do I do?

      You needn't have to worry about this, you're not the only one who's been at this stage. Scheduling a meeting to discuss your requirements and helping you understand what you do and do not need will be mentioned during our chat.

  • Payments

  • Q. When do I pay you?

      Payments are varied depending on the quote although the majority of the time, a 50% deposit which is non-refundable after 7 days will be requested before hundreds of hours in hard work go into your new project. Once the website is completed, you're happy and it's live will be when the request of the final 50% would be paid.

  • Q. How does payments work for maintenance?

      This is also varied depending on an array of factors but the average scenario would be a request of the work you wish to be carried out followed by an estimate of hours to complete the task (charged at an hourly rate) which will be a fixed fee invoiced to you before any work is carried out so you are in full confidence.

  • Q. Hosting payments? Can I pay for a full year?

      Absolutely! Infact, we encourage it to help you out with a little deal. Once your website is ready to go, this process will be walked through with you regardless unless you wish for a migration to any hosting provider you request. Migrations are free of charge unless you're already hosting with DevlinCreative. (free from when the project is only just completed)

  • Other

  • Q. Can you convert my website to be responsive?

      If you have a strong passion for the look of your existing website but wish for it to be responsive to mobiles and tablets then this can be carried out. A fixed rate fee will be issued before any work is carried out and if you're happy to go ahead then an invoice will be sent to you to get started.

  • Q. Can you review our website?

      If you feel like the years have aged your website badly but the traffic seems stable and business is still moving then we can still have a review of your website with a detailed analysis on everything that can be done in order to freshen things up a little. This service is completely free of charge.

  • Q. What's the terms for SEO?

      If you wish for an expert to organically grow your SERP results to prevent relying on costly AdWords, then discussing with us on what the right moves are for you should well be the correct thing to do. The key questions are how far do you wish to market the website and a list of common search queries or a number of search queries that you want to be worked on.
      All SEO work is carried out on a cancel anytime monthly rate and hourly rate is negotiable depending on the intensity of the SEO in which would be considered.